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Children's Discovery Center Austin Preschool Nature-based Reggio Emilia
Bev Bos

"Don't Move the Muffin Tins"

"Together We're Better"

"Before the Basics"

Dr. Becky Bailey

"There's Got To Be A Better Way"

Howard Gardner

"Multiple Intelligences"

"Frames of Mind"

Alfie Kohn

"Punished by Rewards"

Jane Healy, Ph.D

"Endangered Minds"

Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D

"7 Kinds of Smart"

"Awakening Your Child's Natural Genius"

"In Their Own Way"

Carla Hannaford Ph.D

"Smart Moves"

Stephen Nachmanovitch

"Free Play"

Victoria Jean Dimidjian

"Play's Place in Public Education for Young Children"

"The Hundred Languages of Children"

Lella Gandani, George Forman and Carolyn Edwards
Recommended Reading for Parents:


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