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Discovery School Classroom Nature-based Austin Preschool Reggio Emilia

CDC Northwest Class

Each classroom is led by a group of highly trained teachers. They have all been selected to create a well rounded classroom full of nature, sensory, pre-literature and more. The teachers create personalized curriculums week by week for their rooms based on the children's needs and interests. We provide as many materials and as much opportunity as needed for the children to accomplish what they envision.

Discovery School Students Nature-based Austin Preschool Reggio Emilia

The Discovery School

Ages 3 years to 5 years


The Discovery School is a unique experience for preschooler's. The "classroom" is a small house on a 6 acre plot of land that resides on the edge of a bird sanctuary. With a wide variety of indoor activities (art, music, science experiments, bird watching, etc.), a large playground ready for imagination, and hiking trails in all directions this classroom is well equipped for a full day of activities

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