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Conflict Resolution by Bev Bos

We are often inspired by words of other educators. Not only has Bev Bos come and personally trained our staff, but her vision has helped shaped the philosophy of our school. The following is an article written by Bev about conflict resolution. Conflict resolution is something that everyone working with children has to understand.

"The most important thing to remember about discipline for young children is that it needs to be kind,

tender, and humane. And so often it is not. Why are adults so afraid of being kind when disciplining?

I think there are lots of reasons: one reason stems from how we were disciplined as children. In a tense

moment we often go back to how we were raised even if we resented how we were treated. Fear, also,

keeps us from being kind and tender because we are so afraid that our child will become a rude, hurtful,

out of control adult. Sometimes we just don’t know a better way.

Part of the way adults react has to do with the world we live in and the uncertainty adults face everyday

about the future. A few years ago life followed a predictable pattern of school, job, marriage, home, and

family. Since the 1960’s social upheaval, out of control financial worries, and simplification of divorce

procedures have created new patterns of living, mating, and child rearing. There are anxieties about <