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Children's Discovery Center Austin Preschool Nature-based Reggio Emilia Sensory Play


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Looking Back With Gratitude

Situated in South Austin, Children’s Discovery Center sits under a dome of oaks surrounded by wood platforms and rainbow playhouses. Most of the structures were made by the hands of the parent community. Half filled paint jugs, tires, costumes, metallic windmills, and donated instruments lay ready to be utilized in a narrative that is child-created and limitless. Click here to read more...

“My two sons have been at CDC since we moved to Austin almost three years ago and we love being part of the CDC community. The teachers are warm, nurturing, and consistent. It is a huge benefit for me to know that my kids are healthy and happy when I am at work and that they actually like going to school. I was already a fan of the school, but my esteem has increased immeasurably now that I have spent whole weeks there photographing the kids as a fly on the wall and I have observed first hand what an exceptional place it is.”

”The Children’s Discovery Center is not for everyone, but it’s pretty perfect for us. The teachers are loving, and the emphasis is on creativity and letting kids be kids- this means that children run around in underwear or diapers or costumes – really, whatever they want. I’ve often chuckled at the sight of very masculine boys in pink leotards and tutus – but you know what? They are having a blast.  One of the biggest challenges is figuring out how to get glitter out of kids’ hair – you wouldn’t believe how hard it is!  I far prefer when my toddler is covered head to toe in green paint, the “incredible hulk” comments notwithstanding.


“CDC was our choice after looking at literally dozens of sites around town. Our daughter went there from under 1 yr up to pre-K and the social, emotional, and personal development she gained at CDC was phenomenal. Yes, if you show up at almost any time of day the kids might be playing in the mud, and there is often someone crying but these are kids, not soldiers, and the developmentally appropriate care the kids get is second to none. If you’re looking for baby boot camp or developmentally inappropriate (and damaging) pre-academics then look elsewhere; if you’re looking for highly sensitive caregivers in a child-centered environment that encourages developmentally appropriate social and emotional growth then this is the place for you. The long wait list really says it all; this is one of the two or three premium child care centers in town so think ahead if you’re seriously interested.”

“My daughter went here for almost a year. If they went up to older than five, she would still be there! This might not be the place for neat freaks, but this was the place for our family. I picked her up every day, and when I got there, she was HAPPY. She was usually filthy from hair to toe with glitter, paint and sometimes mud it it was raining out there. The best memory that I have of that place was the day I picked her up when she passed out in one of the teachers laps with another friend of hers, covered in mud from “playing in the warm rain”. Last summer was a wet one and the kids were making the most out of it. Every morning I saw several parents hanging out playing with all of the kids, tons of smiles and VERY involved teachers. The same people were there every morning. The same people were there in the afternoon. THE SAME PEOPLE!!! Consistency in that. Also a great thing. One guy had dreads, another has alot of tattoos, another has great glasses and sideburns, a lady has a great haircut, these people are not your average daycare employees. They are there because they want to. The family is required to do hours of volunteer time so the daycare and families are close and involved. To say in a sentence how i feel about this place couldn’t be done. I do hair in central Austin and I refer everyone I meet that has kids to this place. WE LOVED IT!!!”

"We couldn't have dreamed of a better first school experience for our 23-month-old son.  We were unsure how he would take the separation, but by day four, he was leaping out of our car and running to the entrance.  He clearly loves and trusts his teachers, who are patient, loving and supportive.  They foster his creativity, energy and drive to be independent.  CDC South was the perfect match for our little guy."

"When we were looking for a new childcare provider, we went to various places and the South School had everything a notch above. Their teachers were more creative with reading, writing down stories the kids come up with, musical time. They have a real pool not just a splish splash. They somehow manage to blend both creativity and structure without rubbing the other one out. Frankly, I've stolen some activities of what to do with my daughter like our garden and some arts and crafts directly from them. Most days when I go to pick her up, she says she wants to stay longer... Not sure what that says about home but I think it echoes that it's a great school."

“A loves all his teachers. K and I are absolutely thrilled about A’s time at the school in the woods! We’ve only had wonderfully positive exchanges with ALL the teachers. Everbody should feel proud of the mentoring they’re doing! Also, the teacher gender balance is super!”

"I wanted to let you know how awesome it was to see communication and fine motor skills facilitated during snack today when I dropped J off. Snack is such a great opportunity to practice those skills, and as a speech pathologist, I often suggest that time to parents and teachers to practice like they were doing. I know you guys do that stuff all the time!"

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Children's Discovery Center Austin Preschool Nature-based Reggio Emilia
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