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Our philosophy

Centered on play

We believe play is the work of childhood and strive to create an environment that supports children’s innate curiosity. Play is not a break from the learning, but the way young children learn. They must try it, touch it, examine it, and explore it in order to understand it. Play-based advocate Bev Bos says “if it hasn’t been in the hand and in the body, it can’t be in the brain,” so we work to create multisensory opportunities in our environments and the provocation to take another look. Play as work sets the stage for growing social, physical, and cognitive skills.


Based in nature

We believe nature is our greatest teacher and that children thrive in sunshine and fresh air. All of our campus included generous outdoor areas for each age group and each day is mostly spent out of doors. We use these outdoor classrooms not only as spaces for gross motor play and muddy play, but also as provocations to learn about the butterfly we have just seen or the seed that has just sprouted. These natural environments also create opportunities for age-appropriate risky play (such as jumping from a stump or traversing a creek) which is vital to the development of problem-solving skills and resilience.


Rooted in care

We reject the distinction between “childcare” and “preschool,” and instead embrace care as a vital component of early learning. Wiping noses and assisting with feeding and toileting are essential parts of connecting with children and it is through that connect that trust is born. As children see us care, they learn about empathy and compassion. They grow in social skills and in turn care for their classmates.

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